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The Haven Community has transferred all site files and databases to a new server that makes use of faster speeds and growing traffic. Please notify us if you notice any slowdowns and server issues with any THC network sites here. THC network sites include * sites as well as the main site,
Please indicate your role at The Haven Community
Executive Board Members and Class-C Unified Staff Members fall under this role.
The THCnetID (or THCnetworkID) is a personal, unique identifier assigned to you.
For Professional Staff: Your THCnetID consists of your initials followed by three random numbers. You use it, as a way to identify your employee key and verify your professional status here at The Haven Community. Your THCnetID is tied to your myHaven365UPN (Uer Principal Name), which is your single-sign-on username which you use along with a password, to obtain access to online services, such as Outlook and administrative systems. Your THCnetID is your e-mail alias under [email protected].
For Volunteers/Invited Guests: Your THCnetID consists of your first initial and full last name. In some special cases, your THCnetID may include a number or a different variation of your name. You use it, appended with, along with a password, to obtain access to online services, such as Outlook and Engage at The Haven Community. Your THCnetID may have different job aids assigned via Active Directory to have access to certain administrative applications, though this is not defaulted. 
Your THCnetID can be located on Engage at The Haven Community, our Staff Management System. Login at "" and your THCnetID is listed under User Details → Public Domain THCnetID.
Please check the site(s) that you noticed server issues.
Please note that you may not have access to all of our sites. Some sites require authentication for internal access only based on staff profile.
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Thank you for informing us of server issues.

If you have any technical questions, please inform your supervisor or [email protected] (for website accessibility) or [email protected] (for account issues).